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Small-batched soaps, bath treats, and coconut soy wax candles created with no chemicals or harmful ingredients is the driving force behind our company.  We only use plant-based ingredients for their natural moisturizing and nourishing properties on the face and body. 

Our bath bombs are a fun and special treat while soaking and relaxing in the bathtub, blended with muscle soothing Epsom Salts.  Enjoy the aromatherapy fragrance from the shower steamers which provide a quick pick me up that are effectively energizing.  The fragrances from the coconut soy wax candles will create a calming, serene and romantic ambiance in your unique space.

A little bit about me, I am Viola Joyner and have been a crafter and artist since I was 8 years old.  Decades have past and I am still crafting and creating.  Bet + Rose is operated by three people, me, myself, and I.  I was born and raised in Chicago, lived in Brooklyn, NY, stayed a bit in Atlanta, GA, migrated over to fun-loving, sin-city Las Vegas, NV.  Presently I reside in hot, hot Phoenix, AZ.  One of these days, I will settle down and live where I left my heart, New York, NY.

Viola Joyner, Founder and Maker